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With this plugin you can display a set of pictures and information in different layouts. The main purpose of the plugin is to display team/staff members, but it can be used for other purposes.

Compatible with the new WordPress v.5

It’s perfect to display the members of your staff, team or working force, even divided by categories or groups! You can also use it to display testimonials or other kinds of content that require an image and text!

You can display the entries in 4 different main ways

The participants will display in a responsive grid with the number of columns you place and with the information to the proper, left or underneath the image, relying in your settings.

Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin - 1


The members will display also in a responsive grid, but the information will display when you hover the image.

Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin - 2


A simple responsive table layout to display the members in a simple way.

Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin - 3THUMBNAILS PAGER LAYOUT

The thumbnails of the members pictures will display smaller and on click the bigger picture and information will display in a designated area. Very similar to a gallery functionality where you can navigate the content clicking on the small thumbnails.

Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin - 4

You can customize and enhance the layout, with several layout options and pre-built styles.

Single Pages for each entry!

You can choose if you want the entries to have a single page active or not! If you have the single page activated, you can choose if the entries in the layout will have a link to this single page or not!

JSON-LD: Prepare for the future

The plugin is able to include json-ld structured data that can be read by search engines that provide information about your page and member entries. This will be compatible with possible rich snippets included in search engine result pages.

Widget Ready!

The shortcode will work on widgets! Just copy the shortcode and include it in a text widget and the chosen layout will display in the widget!

Shortcode and PHP Function Generator!

It couldn’t be extra smooth to generate the important code to display the entries. Simply visit the Shortcode generator, pick out the settings you need and the shortcode and the Hypertext Preprocessor characteristic that you can use may be generated and equipped to replicate and paste where you need! Shortcodes are to be used in posts, pages and widgets, at the same time as the personal home page characteristic will be important in case you want to tough code the team show off layout for your topic files.
The generator will make a preview of ways the format appears with the chosen settings.


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