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About snip – the Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

Snip is an progressive based records plugin for WordPress that adds JSON+LD formatted snippets for your internet site. That is had to help engines like google apprehend the content material on your page and provide them specific clues approximately the meaning of it.

A number of that based information will display so called “rich Snippets” or “rich seek outcomes” like stars, snap shots and lots greater. No longer simplest will this push your search consequences forward, the usage of dependent facts is likewise a ranking aspect of all principal serps, too.

Create your own Structured Data with the built-in Structured Data Generator directly in WordPress


Improve visibility because the plugin can create Rich Snippets and Rich Cards in Search Results


Use 800+ Schemas from All in one plugin! Some parts of supported schemas from Check out the full list of supported schemas.


Automate Structured Data Markup! Create one Structured Data Snippet and attach it to all of your posts, pages, custom post types, categories and more.


Outperform your competitors by improving your technical SEO, get better rankings and get a higher Click-Through-Rate.


New to Structured Data? The plugin includes a free training!

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